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How She Met Your Father

…might be the lamest blog name ever.

But I love this show.

It’s one of the things I bonded over with boyfriend material and forbidden flirt. I find it almost hilarious that my boyfriend couldn’t care less about this show.

Second, I had to come up with a new name really fast. So just excuse it, please.

There is no way to tell if my current boyfriend will father my children*. He might be just another chapter of my life. But for all I know now: It might as well be him.

One way or another, although I had already introduced him as just a friend, I still owe you the story of how we eventually ended up together. Maybe there is hope for all those friendzoned guys and all those fuck buddy relationships.

* He wants five of them. Is he insane? [Kids, if you read this: I love all five of you equally.]

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I spent the night at boyfriend material's place again and again we just cuddled. Thumps up.

But. Yes, there is a but. It doesn’t matter in what position we cuddle, I can always feel his bulge. I need to admit that it’s driving me crazy. It’s making me horny. I just want to play with it.

BUT I know we won’t sleep with each other anyway and I actually really want to keep it just cuddle buddies.

You know who’ll benefit from this horniness, though? My dearest fuck buddy her roommate. I can’t wait to take my frustration out on him tonight.

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